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Gold Plated Audio Isolation Spikes with Protection Discs for a Turntable, Amplifier or Speaker Cabinet ISOFEE02

Turntable & Speaker Spikes - Audio Isolation Feet
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Gold plated isolating and damping spikes suitable for various audio, video and hi fi devices such as loudspeakers, turntables, CD players, Blu-ray players, amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. This stylish isolation cone is an adjustable spike with floor protection shoe to level and isolate high quality audio equipment. The upper part of the foot is tapped out with an M6 thread, so could be attached to a speaker cabinet with a short piece of threaded rod or wood to metal dowel (not supplied). You could use small pieces of Blu-tac to secure the cone to an audio component. It could also be attached to a piece of high density board to form an isolation platform.

  • Audio Isolation Feet with Protection Discs
  • Suitable for use under turntables and other audio devices
  • May be used under speaker cabinets
  • Gold plated finish
  • Supplied as a set of spikes and floor protection discs
Turntable & Speaker Spikes - Audio Isolation FeetTurntable & Speaker Spikes - Audio Isolation Feet
  • Specification:
  • Height of spike only: 27mm
  • Diameter of spike: 25mm
  • Height of spike + disc: 30mm
  • Protection disc: 20mm x 6mm
  • Maximum thread adjustment: 4mm
  • Thread: M6
  • Maximum stud length for attachment: 5mm
  • Construction: Gold plated brass
  • Item code: ISOFEE02
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