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Speaker Spade Terminals: Straight and Angled Cable Connectors

Heavy Duty Gold Plated Angled Speaker Spade Terminal Connectors Heavy Duty Gold Plated Speaker Spade Connectors High performance speaker spade terminal made from high content copper materials and gold plated for perfect signal transfer. This quality crimp or solder fit cable connector is the choice of enthusiasts and professionals. Item code: SPATER04.
Angled Spade Connectors - Speaker Cable Screw Terminals Gold Plated Gold Plated Dual Screw Speaker Spade Connectors Gold plated wide jaw spade terminals with a twin screw cable termination for easy fitting and red and black covers. This quality angled spade connector is a very popular choice. Item code: SPATER01.
Crimp or Solder Spade Terminals - Gold Plated Speaker Cable Connectors Solder or Crimp Speaker Spade Connectors A crimp or solder fit spade connector, this gold plated cable terminal is a convenient choice for terminating home and car audio speaker wires, and offers excellent value. Item code: SPATER03.
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